Monday, July 29, 2013

Manicure Monday: Ocean Nails

Hey there polishaholics I have and exciting Manicure Monday post for y'all today, I hope you enjoy...
Natural Light (No Flash)
I am a nail art buff, so when I saw a similar nail art look on Pinterest I knew that I had to recreate it.
This was actually quite an easy manicure to recreate because it required no tools, basically all you had to do was layer several colours to make a beautiful aerial view of an ocean.  

 Natural Light (No Flash)
For this nail art your going to need around 6 colours of nail polish, one gold or sandy colour depending on what you have, 3 blue polishes, the lightest blue should be a light seafoamy colour, the next blue should be medium coloured and a little sheer which helps with the blending and lastly the darkest colour should be a dark almost navy blue, and finally a glittery/shimmery blue colour and a green or blue chunky glitter.
Natural Light (No Flash)  

List of Colours (From Left to Right)

-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Golden-I
-Seporah by OPI - Mermaid To Order
-China Glaze - Blue Iguana
-OPI - Ski Teal We Drop
-OPI - Catch Me In Your Net
-OPI - Fresh Frog of Bel Air

(Same Order as List Above)
Starting with the lightest "sandy" or gold colour you layer the polishes from lightest to darkest to create the ocean effect. Then once all of that is dry you can dab on some glitter which is what I did, I used OPI's Catch Me In Your Net for a fine shimmery glitter and OPI's Fresh Frog of Bel Air for a chunky glitter, but you can use anything you'd like. 
Natural Light (No Flash)
I hope you all really enjoyed this nail art post, and if you would like to see a Pictorial or an actual video tutorial please leave a comment below because i'm genuinely debating whether I should make a video on this nail polish look because I love it soooo much. Thanks for reading and please know that your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!!!
***Also I would quickly like to apologize for my hands and cuticles they literally look horrendous because I had just finished doing the dishes but anyways these were really good shots of my nails so I decided to post anyway***
XOXO Gaborillaa :D