Friday, August 2, 2013

Favourites Friday: Korres Lip Butter

Helllllooooo, Todays Favourites Friday is a long time favourite and it is my Pomegranet Korres Lip Butter.
Pomegranet Korres Lip Butter - $16 Canadian

In March of this year I decided to pick up a Korres Lip Butter because I was hearing soooo many amazing things about them. I heard that they were super moisturizing, they give the perfect amount of colour and that they were such a luxurious product to apply. Me being the makeup junkie that I could I resist!!!

Now the Korres Lip Butters a quite the pretty penny so thats what origanally discouraged me from purchasing one but after I heard countless people talking about it I was just itching to try it out. These lip butters retail for $16.00 Canadian, which is a little steep for a lip balm, but once you try these lip butters you will know for sure that they are more than "just a lip balm".

But anyway another reason why I love these lip butters is because they are formulated without sulphates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs and Triclosan which makes this product even better. So they're an amazing product thats super moisturizing and feel luxurious on the lips, they give a beautiful colour and they're good for you....what more can you ask for haha.

Natural Light
Hopefully you guys enjoyed this Favourites Friday post. This is such a great product that I had to share with all of you.
     XOXO Gaborillaa :D


  1. looks beautiful! I might have to check this product out

    1. YES try it for sure, its such an amazing product and it actually works, also there are several different colours so check them out, and I was online recently and I saw them for $12 on the American Seporah, so thats a great bargain :D