Friday, May 23, 2014

Mac Alluring Aquatic Goddess of the Sea Lipstick

Hey everyone today I'm writing about ANOTHER Mac Lipstick that is from the Alluring Aquatic Collection. Now I totally have wayyyy to many Mac lipsticks but I literally could not resist the packaging and I knew that I had to have at least one item from this collection! I snapped up the lipstick Goddess of the Sea when it released in stores yesterday.

Mac Maleficent Lipstick True Love's Kiss

Hey my lovelies today I am going to be doing a quick little review on a new lipstick from the recent Maleficent Collection from Mac. To be quite honest this collection was very lackluster and boring and most of the products were permanent items or re-promotes so I only ended up grabbing this lipstick. The Maleficent collection comes in limited edition packaging that I do not find too impressive; its just shiny black plastic with "Disney's Maleficent" written in silver on the front over Maleficent's wings printed on with a matte black. Overall a pretty boring collection which is sad because Mac could have really done a lot with this collection and it definitely did not live up to Mac's previous Venomous Villains Collection.

Mac Cosmetics - True Love's Kiss Lipstick $21.00 Canadian

Monday, May 19, 2014

Influenster imPress Manicure Vox Box

YAYYY the time has come again when I was chosen to receive a VoxBox from Influenster!!! I was super excited when the little box came in the mail and even more excited when I realized that it was a box filled with nail stuff. Anyways Influenster and Broadway Nails was kind enough to send me two sets of the imPress Press on Manicures. Now I am a huge polishaholic and pride myself on taking care of my nails and doing some pretty cool nail art; but lately since I have been playing sports like water polo and rugby I don't have time for nail art and I'm constantly having to keep my nails super short which is a huge annoyance. So when I received these nails I was excited to have something nice on my nails again.

imPress Press On Manicure - Control Freak and Dancing Queen - $8.99 each

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Urban Decay Electric Palette Mini Review + Eye Looks

Hey everyone today I just wanted to do a mini review on the Urban Decay Electric Palette which I purchased about a week ago. Now I know literally EVERYONE in the beauty community has already reviewed this palette, so that's why I'm keeping it short and sweet; I just want to share a few of my thoughts and show you guys how I've been using this palette :D 

Revlon Amazing Spiderman 2 Collection Review

This weekend the highly anticipated film The Amazing Spiderman 2 came out and let me assure you it was an excellent movie! I went to see it opening night and it was absolutely incredible, I've always been a fan of superheroes and comics ever since I was little so when Hollywood decided to reboot all of the classics I was completely ecstatic!!! Although the original Spiderman trilogy starring Toby Maguire will always have a special place in my heart; this new remake is just as good, and plus I cannot get enough of that hunk Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone which is one of my favourite actresses!!! Anyways enough about the movie... Lets get on to the makeup.

Revlon Lipgloss - Sparks Fly
Revlon Nail Polish - Super-Powered