Saturday, September 13, 2014

Huge Disney Walgreens Haul

Hey everyone I am so super excited to share this huge Walgreens Disney Haul with you all! Now a few of you may know that I live in Canada and are probably wondering how I got all of this stuff from Walgreens......and its called having amazing family and friends which I am SO grateful for! My cousin was an absolute doll when I asked her to pick up a few things for me from the Walgreens for me and she sent all of the Ariel and Snow White stuff for me with my aunt when she visited this past labour day weekend! Now I am going to be posting individual posts on most of these products so keep your eyes peeled for the links at the end of this post if you're interested. I'll be updating this post with links to each individual post as I write them! So again keep your eyes out :D 

Mac Lingering Kiss Lipstick Review

Hey everyone back for another review, I was planning to post something else today but I decided that I needed to get my review up for the Lingering Kiss lipstick from sort of new A Novel Romance Mac Collection before its too late; so y'all could decide if you wanted to pick it up before the darn thing sells out (which it probably has by now....oops)!!

Mac Lingering Kiss - $19.00 Canadian