Friday, May 23, 2014

Mac Alluring Aquatic Goddess of the Sea Lipstick

Hey everyone today I'm writing about ANOTHER Mac Lipstick that is from the Alluring Aquatic Collection. Now I totally have wayyyy to many Mac lipsticks but I literally could not resist the packaging and I knew that I had to have at least one item from this collection! I snapped up the lipstick Goddess of the Sea when it released in stores yesterday.

 Before I we even start talking about the lipstick can we just talk about the packaging!!! I absolutely am IN LOVE with this packaging, I actually think I like it better than the RiRi Hearts Mac Packaging! Its a gorgeous, metallic turquoise that is textured to make the tube look like its covered in droplets of water, and the coolest thing is: that the drops of water are actually 3D and you can feel them!!! This lipstick literally encompasses everything I love; my two favorite colours turquoise and purple and my love for the sea and swimming. Anyways now onto the actual product...

Mac Cosmetics - Goddess of the Sea Lipstick $21.00 Canadian
Goddess of the Sea is a gorgeous purple shade that is described by Mac as a dark vibrant violet, which is pretty accurate but I find that since I have a darker skin tone that this lipstick doesn't seem as dark on me. Goddess of the Sea has a Creamsheen finish and is actually my first Creamsheen lipstick that I own because I am more of a matte or satin lipstick lover. I did find that this lipstick kind of pulled/dragged on my lips when I applied it and that the formula was a little drying (my lips started to flake a little) but it didn't really bother me. I would reccomend exfoliating your lips before applying this lipstick but even if you don't you could probably still get away with it.

Overall I am very happy with this lipstick although I own other purple lipsticks from Mac like Up the Amp and Heroine they are all very different and I am super glad to add this lippie to my collection because its probably the most wearable purple I own and will look great this summer.

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  1. Uggggghh this is so pretty!!! I waited way too long before I decided that I wanted stuff from this everything is sold out :/

    1. Aweee that really sucks, I know most stores still do have some of the products, but all of the lip products and eyeshadows and probably the blushes are all gone!!!! :(