Monday, August 11, 2014

Where have I been...???

Hey everyone, I know its been a long time and I am super sorry that I've been so MIA! Anyways I'm back and hopefully its for good.

To say the least 2014 has been a trying year for me and this summer has probably been one of my worst. This year I finished high school so the entire month of June so I was really burdened down with school. Then I was on holiday for the first two weeks of July one week in the Dominican and the second in New York. I have also been doing an online course which actually happened to finish today which I'm really happy about. But I think the worst thing that I've faced this summer was the death of my Grandfather, it was a really hard time for my family and I, but I find some comfort and solace in the fact that he is no longer suffering or in any pain. 

Anyways bad news aside; I definitely know that I will be back into blogging because I finally got my new MacBook Pro (hallelujah) and now that I'm in university I have my classes spaced out so I'll have a bit more time hopefully! I hope you guys will be looking forward to my upcoming posts which will be coming soon.

On a brighter note I hope you all have had an amazing summer and got some time for rest and relaxation! 

XOXO Gaborillaa ;D

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