Monday, May 19, 2014

Influenster imPress Manicure Vox Box

YAYYY the time has come again when I was chosen to receive a VoxBox from Influenster!!! I was super excited when the little box came in the mail and even more excited when I realized that it was a box filled with nail stuff. Anyways Influenster and Broadway Nails was kind enough to send me two sets of the imPress Press on Manicures. Now I am a huge polishaholic and pride myself on taking care of my nails and doing some pretty cool nail art; but lately since I have been playing sports like water polo and rugby I don't have time for nail art and I'm constantly having to keep my nails super short which is a huge annoyance. So when I received these nails I was excited to have something nice on my nails again.

imPress Press On Manicure - Control Freak and Dancing Queen - $8.99 each
Now I was complexly skeptical of these "press on nails" I didn't think they would last the night - much less showering, doing the dishes and housework; but to my surprise these things actually stayed on for a whopping 5 days!!! That was totally something I wasn't expecting. Now they could have lasted longer except for the fact that I had to take them off for water polo but I was totally blown out of the water by the fact that they lasted so long. I think one of the biggest pros to these "fake nails" are that they in NO way ruin your nails, they just stick on with an adhesive and peel right off when you're done with them which is fabulous in my books. 

Control Freak 
Now these nails were not perfect though, the corners on my thumb and index finger did crack off a little bit and some of the other nails were starting to get a little "weak" on the edges by the end of the 5 days and I did find that these nails do lift A LOT and didn't necessarily fit my nails perfectly, but its something that is only noticeable by the wearer. Also I don't think that the imPress nails were designed to last for weeks upon weeks I think that they are better used for special occasions that last a night or two. Now for the final verdict, I did really enjoy these nails; if you're looking for some inexpensive, DIY fake nails to wear for a one or two night event like prom, graduation or a wedding I would totally recommend these. They do not damage your natural nails and look chic and neat; they can be applied quickly and there is no wait time for them to dry and lastly the come off super easily. I also like that they are pretty short and square so they look very clean and are not gaudy or tacky at all. Overall I would give these an 8/10 and I think that I actually would wear these again and I was quite happy with them. I would also like to say that although these nails were given to me to review; all opinions on this product are my honest and true opinions!

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