Monday, August 5, 2013

Manicure Monday: My Favourite Nail Polishes for Summer

Hey everyone todays Manicure Monday post is My Favourite Polishes for Summer, now I know its already half way through summer, but c'mon who doesnt love a summer manicure...right..???

So my first polish is Glowstick by Orly. This is a beautiful neon yellow colour, it literally glows in the dark like a glowstick. This polish is bright and electric and perfect for summer. One thing abouot this polish is that it dries matte like most neons so it requires a topcoat. This has been my favourite toe colour for this season so far.

The second polish is Fiji by Essie. This polish is a beautiful mikly pink that looks amazing on all skin tones especially if you have a tan. Also its still subtle so that it goes with everthing and it isn't over the top. If you are going on a vacation or to the beach this colour will look beautiful, especially if you get a tan.

The third polish is Sunday Funday by Essie. I have a full review with swatches on this polish, so you can check that out here. But if you want a quick review, this is a beautiful corally, pink polish with silvery - lilac microshimmer that has a bit of a jelly finish. It truly is beautiful.

The fourth polish is Turned Up Turquoise by China Glaze. I also have a review with swatches on this polish, so you can check that out here too. This polish is a beautiful Turquoise colour with a slight microshimmer, it applies like a charm and just POPs on your nails.

The fifth polish is Pacific Blue by Sally Hansen. This is literally one of my favourite colours of all time, its a beautiful powdery blue colour. I also love it because its super inexpensive, its opaque and applies wonderfully and doesn't chip for days. Again this is another great toe colour.

The last polish, is Sandals, Flip Flops and Hip Hop by Misa. This polish is another beautiful neon colour that would look awesome on toes.The formulation is pretty good, but since it is a neon it requires a topcoat!!!

***If your wondering where the nail swatches are, they accidently got deleted and I haven't been able to re-swatch the colours so as soon as I do I will update the post***

Thanks for reading

XOXO Gaborillaa :D


  1. Very pretty colors! I especially love that Sunday Funday color!

    1. I know, I love it too its one of my favourites, anyways thanks for the feedback :D