Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mac Prep & Prime Lip Base

When I went into Mac to check out the Indulge collection, whilst trying out the lipsticks I was telling one of the girls that worked there that I always have dry lips and that I hate wearing lipsticks because I find that it settles into the cracks on my lips; so she showed me the Mac Prep & Prime Lip Base.
 Mac Prep & Prime Lip Base - $19.00 Canadian

She cleaned off the demo and I tried it under the lipsticks I was trying on and it actually seemed to make a difference. Now I'm still not sure if I've just bought an overpriced chapstick that gave me the placeibo effect or if I've truly found a miracle product, but so far so good.

The woman who worked at Mac claimed that it would make my lipstick stay on longer too, and it actually did which I was impressed with!!! Also I wanted to add that this product has a silicon base so that is supposed to fill in the lips (cracks and lines) so that the lipstick applies smoothly and it is also what makes the lipstick stay on longer as well.

Overall I find that this product is really fantastic, its very moisturizing and keeps my lipstick on for such a long time, and most importantly it makes my lipstick apply much more smoothly which means that I will now be MUCH more inclined to wear lipsticks.

Have you tried this product before?? And if you have did it work for you too, or was it just an overpriced chapstick. Please leave any comments and feedback below!

XOXO Gaborillaa ;D

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