Monday, August 12, 2013

Estee Lauder Raisins Eyeshadow Duo

Heyyy everyone today I am going to be talking about a new product that I just bought, and that I am totally in love with!!! It's my new Estee Lauder Raisins Eyeshadow Duo.

Estee Lauder Raisins - $36.00
Now this duo has been the talk of the town and it has rapidly become a cult favourite ever since popular YouTubers like Zoella, Sprinkleofglitter, and Tanya Burr have been buzzing about it. Every time I saw it I fell in love with it a little more, but I didn't think that it would actually suit me because I have a darker complexion. Also I found it very hard to find, it wasn't on the Seporah or Estee Lauder websites and most of my local stores were sold out of it. Until this past weekend when I found it at my local Bay store.

I swatched it and instantly fell in love and I just knew that I had to buy it. Now I had never purchased anything from Estee Lauder before and in all honesty I thought that it was an "old lady" makeup brand, but boy was I ever wrong.

The formulation of these shadows are beautiful, they're smooth and luxurious and super pigmented. They also blend beautifully and the colours literally are perfect for any skintone. The lighter champagne colour is beautiful on lighter skin tones and for girls with darker skin tones its not too light and chalky, it literally is perfect. Also the darker "raisin" colour which is what the duo is named after, is absolutly gorgeous, its the perfect colour for your crease and adds depth and dimension to any look. Also these eyeshadows don't crease very much and stay on for a very long time especially if you use a primer first. Lastly the packaging is sooo fancy, and I love it because it doesn't feel cheap, it actually makes me feel like I'm using a luxury product even more!

So all in all, I am IN LOVE with this product. I cannot say a single bad thing about Raisins. Its the perfect duo for when your on the run or for when you want a super classy eyeshadow look. Its small and compact so its perfect for travel and you can easily get a neutral daytime look or a more dramatic, smokey, nightime look from this little palette. So if you can get your hands on this duo I strongly reccomend it because you will not be disappointed.

***As a side note I've been hearing rumours that Estee Lauder Raisins is being discontinued and I was having a really hard time finding it, so if you do want this duo I would definitely pick it up just in case it is being discontinued.***

Thanks for reading...
XOXO Gaborillaa :D


  1. I'm glad to hear it works for darker skin tones! I love the raisin color :) And I used to think Estee Lauder was an old lady brand too, partly because my grandma uses it!
    ~Karina Beauty Over Boys

    1. Yeahhh it really is a beautiful versitile colour!!! And haha exactly, who knew Estee Lauder was actually such a great brand :D