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Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Review

Hey everyone today I am going to be reviewing the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, now I know the entire world has probably already reviewed this product but I spent so much time writing this review when I first got my Naked 3 a few weeks ago that it would be a shame not to post it!!  

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette - $62.00 Canadian

Now onto Naked 3, the Naked 3 Palette is the third in a collection of palettes from Urban Decay; the original Naked  palette came out about 2 years ago then the Naked 2 came our last year and this year we were all anticipating the release of the Naked 3. 

The original Naked palette was very neutral and warm overall, the Naked 2 was more cool toned and grey and the Naked 3 is pink and rose gold toned. Now to me the Naked 3 seems to lean towards the warmer tones with a few cooler shades but a lot of people are saying since it contains pinks that its cool toned so personally I'm a little confused but I want to say that it leans warmer to me.

Natural Light (No Flash)

I honestly love the Naked 3 the best, I found that for me personally the Naked 1 was a good overall neutral pallet for almost any and every skin tone. The Naked 2 was not really my cup of tea because it was cooler and more taupe which is not something that I look for in eye shadow, which leaves the Naked 3 which is the standout Naked palette for me. I love the way that the pinks and rose golds look against my darker skin tone and I've seen how gorgeous this palette looks on girls with lighter skin tones as well. The actual packaging of the Naked 3 is gorgeous too, its a rose gold metal tin that snaps closed, its super pretty and since it actually snaps closed I do not have to worry about it opening up and getting ruined like I did for the original Naked.

The Naked 3 comes with 12 beautiful eyeshadows, a dual-ended brush and 4 sample packets of primer potion in the original formula, anti-aging formula, and colours Sin and Eden. Also as a side note each packet is supposed to last a week so that's around one month of product which sounds pretty good to me. 

Natural Light (No Flash)
Natural Light (No Flash)

The names of the shades are; Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside and Blackheart. My favourites out of the bunch are Burnout, Nooner and Factory. I find that I can create such a beautiful look with those three colours. 

Shade: Strange
Colour: Cream
Finish: Matte (very slight micro shimmer)
Use/Comments: Beautiful highlighting shade.


Shade: Dust
Colour: Light Pink
Finish: Glitter
Use/Comments:  Lid colour, gorgeous shade, prone to fallout, kind of dusty (like the name LOL).


Shade: Burnout
Colour: Rose Gold/ Pink
Finish: Shimmer/ Pearl
Use/Comments: Another great lid colour perfect for blending, lovely texture and really pigmented.


Shade: Limit
Colour: Dusty Rose
Finish: Matte
Use/Comments: Makes a nice all over lid colour, one of the only true matte shades in the palette.


Shade: Buzz
Colour: Pink
Finish: Glitter/ Metallic
Use/Comments: Similar to Dust but a darker pink, again prone to fallout due to glitter, it is a very pretty colour though.


Shade: Trick
Colour: Rose Gold
Finish: Frost
Use/Comments: Super pretty rose gold shimmer colour,  does not produce a lot of fall out but the colour does need to be built up.


Shade: Nooner
Colour: Taupey Pink
Finish: Matte
Use/Comments: Beautiful shade probably my favourite in the entire palette, applies like a dream and is a great all over lid colour or works as a bit of a transition colour on darker skim tones. Another matte shade makes this palette very usable for everyday use.


Shade: Liar
Colour: Mauve
Finish: Metallic Shimmer
Use/Comments: Good shade for the lids, and is very soft.


Shade: Factory
Colour: Pinky Brown
Finish: Satin
Use/Comments: Another of my favourites, the pigmentation is amazing. I find that this colour works really well for me in the crease or outer lid.

Shade: Mugshot
Colour: Taupe with pink tones
Finish: Frost/ Metallic
Use/Comments: Another shade with amazing colour payoff, super buttery texture

Shade: Darkside
Colour: Taupy Brown
Finish: Satin
Use/Comments: Really easy to blend and this darker colour would be perfect in the outer lid.

Shade: Blackheart
Colour: Black with Red micro-shimmer
Finish: Matte with micro-shimmer
Use/Comments: Such a gorgeous shade, the red micro-shimmer does get lost a but when applied but Blackheart is still a gorgeous colour to use to darken up a look.


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  1. great review! I think the Naked 3 suits just about every skin tone! Nooner and Blackheart were just absolutely brilliant! I love them so much and try to find a way to use them everyday :)