Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mac Lipstick Heroine

Hey everyone I have another lipstick to show you from my little shopping trip last week, when I picked up Mac Rebel and Sweet Heat which I also have blog posts on; I picked up Mac's Heroine which I am soooo utterly obsessed with. I've had this lipstick for just over a week now and I've already worn it on 4 or 5 seperate occasions. 

Mac Heroine - $18.00 Canadian 

Now you may be thinking that Heroine is an unwearable colour because its a matte purple but that's totally not the case. I find that I've already gotten a ton of wear out of this lipstick already. It's a gorgeous bright matte purple that looks amazing on everyone but personally I think the darker the skin tone the better this lipstick looks. This is the perfect purple shade for anyone around NW/NC45 in my opinion but I think it would look really gorgeous on anyone if worn correctly!!!!

Mac Heroine Lipstick (Natural Light) 

I would totally recommend this lipstick to anyone who is looking for something they is fun for this spring and isn't afraid to rock a little bit of colour. Let me know if you'd wear a lipstick this bold!!!

Sorry about the quality of the lip swatch but I took this photo on my phone after the lipstick had worn off a little.

Thanks for reading,
XOXO Gaborillaa :D 


  1. That color looks amazing on you!


  2. Gorgeous color on you! I mean, just ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!!
    I'm a huge fan of purple lipsticks and will definitely check this one out! (I'm probably too pale to rock it, but OH WELL!)

    1. It is such a gorgeous shade, and you should definitely check it out, but if you're worried that its a little too bright for you then check out Up The Amp which is more if a lilac!!!

  3. This shade is gorgeous!! Thankyou so much for your lovely comments! I will definitely start looking into doing face shots :) I've already taken the pictures for my next few looks so after say the next 2-3 I should have some up :) also check out my Instagram! I put a lot more photos on there daily and face shots. My name is enchantedmakeup on there too :) x

  4. This has convinced me that Heroine needs to be my next MAC purchase (it used to be up the amp). The color is STUNNING.

    1. HEROINE is literally the LOVE of my life, I wholeheartedly reccomend this one and I prefer it way more than Up The Amp which I also own! Its such a gorgeous lippie!!!