Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Babylips Dr. Rescue Review

Hey everyone, as many of you know drugstore makeup always hits the States before it makes its way to Canada (there is always a 1-3 month lag before new drugstore collections start popping up here). Anyways the new Babylips Dr. Rescue have been launched and while I was in the states I picked up one of them and I love it!

I picked up the clear one because I got it at Rite Aid and it was pretty expensive around $5.00 with tax, which is around the same price the normal Babylips retail for here in Canada and I wasn't sure if I was going to like it so I only grabbed the one. I really do regret not getting more because I really do love the product. But I am pretty sure they will be popping up in Canada very soon anyways.

Now onto the actual Babylips itself; I only got the clear one so I can't really say anything about the pigmentation. But I do find that these medicated balms do make my sore, dry, and cracked lips feel better and heal a lot faster. Also they do have that mentholated scent which is something similar to halls or blistex. I love the tingle that the product leaves on my lips and overall I think that this product is a superstar. It definitely do understand why people have been raving over this product.

If you see these at your local drugstore, Walmart or Target I seriously reccomend picking one up because these new Babylips are really amazing.

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