Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lush Shark Week Shark Fin Soap

I have been a huge shark lover ever since I was a kid. I've always loved swimming and the ocean and I have always dreamed of scuba diving and cage diving with sharks. I'm a pisces so maybe that's why I have such an affinity for the ocean and sea life but it has been a passion of mine forever. Now as I am older I have realized that our oceans are in danger along with the sharks...

Lush Shark Week Shark Fin Soap - $5.95
For years now I have been watching Shark Week, and now thanks to the program's popularity so many people are getting involved with shark conservation. From celebrities to youtubers to kindergardeners, awareness is spreading like wildfire and I am so thankful. Anyways one of my idols Rob Stewart (click on his name to find out more about him) who created the documentaries Sharkwater and Revolution which are both absolutely incredible (Though Sharkwater is my favourite) has teamed up with Lush to create a soap to raise both awareness and money for shark conservation. Rob started the #FinFree movement and 100% of the price you pay for this soap goes to United Conservation to create a fin free planet.

My Shark Week 2014 Nail Art YAYY 

The soap is a gorgeous turquoise colour and is infused with seaweed, sea salt and lime oil; which makes this soap amazing for summer. Its also super cute with a cardboard shark fin sticking out of the top. Now I kind of wished that the fin was made of soap instead of cardboard because once it gets wet it just dissolves in the water. But that doesn't really bother me anyways. I also love that the bottom of this soap is rough in texture because its great for exfoliating the skin, that combination of sea salt which exfoliates and the seaweed that softens makes this soap feel awesome on the skin. Also I love the scent, to me it smells like the Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter from Lush which I love as well. 

Overall I think that this soap is amazing, not only because it feels really nice on the skin and is cute; but because it is helping out a really amazing cause that I feel super strongly about! Although this soap is currently sold out online you can still pick it up in store. Also check out their website because they have more information about the #FinFree movement and a petition that you can sign here

I hope you guys check this soap out or at least get involved with this cause and the #FinFree movement, shark finning is not necessary and has already obliterated 90% of the shark population, Sharks are friends not food ;D 

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  1. living near the coast means that the beach has always been a big part of my life and I've always been really intrigued by sharks! Therefore, I'm always up from supporting shark conservation! Thanks for sharing this, definitely want to try this out!

    Also, welcome back from your break! I missed your posts like craaaaazy!


    1. Yeah honestly even if its not for the soap, buying it really does support shark conservation!! And thanks girlie I missed blogging, and haha I never managed to miss any of your posts though they are always some of my favourites!

  2. Replies
    1. Honestly its a great soap for a great cause and a great price I love it!!! xoxo