Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mac Playland Haul and Review + Swatches

Hey everyone I really, really want to apologize for being so absent from my blog lately! March and April were SUPER stressful months because of school, sports and just daily life in general! Anyways I'm back and I have done a TON of shopping; so you'll be seeing a lot of me in the near future!! ;D 

Anyways today I'm going to be talking about the Mac Playland Collection that came out last Thursday. The Playland collection was a super bright and colorful collection composed of four eyeliners, four pigments, four lipglasses, six lipsticks and three casual colours. So overall it was a decently sized collection. In addition although most of the products including all of the lipsticks and lipglasses were limited edition; they still came in the standard black Mac packaging. Also to be quite honest this is the first Mac collection that has actually enticed me besides the Rihanna Collections, I feel that lately Mac has been really off their game and that their products in the new collections aren't the same quality, their powder products are dusty and lip products patchy... So I was finally happy when I found some really neat products in this collection. 

Left to Right: Lipglass in Live It Up, Lipstick in Playland, Lipstick in Red Balloon

Mac Lipglass Live It Up - $18.00 Canadian

I'm going to start off with the lipglass that I got which is a bright neon, but creamy orange called Live It Up. I thought that this lipglass was SUPER unique because I've never seen much less owned such a bright orange and I found it very interesting because it was a milky type of colour instead of a true neon orange which made it much more wearable on the lips. I was always afraid of wearing orange on my lips but I really like this gloss because it is a subtle introduction to orange lip products. The only thing that I didn't like about the Playland lipglasses in general; was that they settled into any cracks or lines on the lips. But I did find that putting a lip primer down on the lips like Mac's Lip Prep and Prime (which you can read about here) did a good job of stopping this! 

 The picture above is of Live It Up without a lip primer, and you can totally see how it really settles into the lines on my lips, but overall it still is a super pretty colour that I
absolutely adore and will be perfect for spring and summer :D

Mac Lipstick Playland - $19.00
Okay so you may be reading this thinking: "Who in their right mind would buy a YELLOW lipstick???" and trust me I know what you're thinking, because I was super suspicious about buying a yellow lipstick too! Now Playland which is the collection's namesake is a frosty, yellow lipstick that is very sheer and is in no was opaque. It comes off as more of a shimmer when applied to the lips bare and is very patchy. Therefore this lipstick is definitely something that should NOT be worn on its own but layered over another lipstick....And that is where the MAGIC happens!!! When you apply this lipstick over a light baby pink like Snob, or a dark plum colour like Rebel, or even a bright matte red like RiRi/Ruby Woo (all colours from Mac) it transforms the lipstick and gives the most beautiful effect. 
Mac Playland 
Mac Playland over Mac Red Balloon
Its very hard to see but Playland does an amazing job at transforming Red Balloon which is a cherry red with pink tones (read about Red Balloon below) into more of an orange-y, coral colour. So my overall verdict on Playland is that it is an absolutely amazing lipstick that I am super happy about having in my collection. In all honesty I don't necessarily think that its something everyone needs in their makeup bags but if its still available at your local Mac store I wholeheartedly recommend that you try layering it over your favourite lipstick and see how it turns out! 

Mac Lipstick Red Balloon - $19.00
 The last Lipstick that I picked up from the Playland collection was Red Balloon, and before we go any further I just want to say that I actually returned this one; but I'll explain why in a second. Red Balloon is an amplified cherry red lipstick with pink tones in it. It is a very gorgeous colour that applies very well and stays on for quite a long time without drying out the lips; that's why I love the amplified finish. The only reason why I returned this lipstick was because I had been buying too much makeup lately and because it did not really stand out for me in my collection, it was not something that I needed and because I wasn't completely in love with it I decided to return it and get something else, which you'll be seeing in an upcoming post. But overall it is a very pretty colour and I would totally recommend it if you're looking for a bright cherry red/ fuschia colour.

Thank you all for reading, and happy blogging...
Leave me a comment letting me know if you got anything from the Mac Playland Collection and if your planning on picking anything up from the new, upcoming Mac collections!!
XOXO Gaborillaa ;D


  1. Really nice colors! Love the red balloon shade! I can't wait for the Maleficent collection! :)

    1. Yess this totally was an awesome collection, and I'm actually a little disappointed in the Maleficent Collection because most of it is repromotes :(