Saturday, September 14, 2013

September Julep Maven Box

Hello there polishaholics, today I'm going to be showing you what's in my September Julep Maven Box!!! The box that I received was the It Girl box. Now if you just want to see the polish keep scrolling but if you want to read a bit of a rant on Julep keep reading. 

Now I signed up to be a Julep Maven and for the most part my experience was pretty good. On my first order the shipping took quite a while (over 3 weeks) but that's to be expected since I do live in Canada. Also any time I dealt with customer service it was pretty good and always speedy and convenient. But for this past box I was pretty pissed off because I actually didn't even order it. Usually with Julep you receive an email before billing where you choose or skip or send your box to a friend but I never got the email for September so they billed me without any input from my end! I was pretty pissed especially since my account is hooked up with my parent’s credit card because I am only 17 so I don't have a credit card. Anyways to be safe I cancelled my maven subscription!!! Although I was sad to see it go, I'm glad I won't be billed for random boxes that I don't really want anymore. 

Now onto the polishes...
With this box it comes with three polishes, Josephine, Candace and Catrina, as a foreword all of these polishes apply very well as most Julep polishes do. They last for about a week with a topcoat (I use the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri which you can read about here) without chipping or with very minimal chipping. They apply smoothly and look really nice on the nails too. Also as a side note Julep has really changed up their packaging from paper bags and bubble wrap to these very cute and professional white boxes that the polishes are packaged in.

Josephine, Catrina, Candace

The first polish is Josephine, it is a beautiful dark indigo cream polish; it reminds me of the colour of a blueberry. But in certain lights it can come off as navy, slate grey, or a very dark aubergine purple. This probably has to be my favourite polish of the box.

Josephine, 2 Coats (Artificial Light)

Josephine and Candace, 2 Coats (Natural Light, No Flash)

The second colour that I received was Candace, and this is probably my second favourite of the box. I think that it will be perfect for fall. It's a brown base with red, gold and green shimmer and personally this polish literally embodies fall. Also as a side note this polish is very opaque and goes on nicely, probably the best formulation in the box. 

 Candace, 2 Coats (Artificial Light)

Finally the last and probably most disappointing polish of the box is Catrina, which to me looked like the colour of a school bus or mac & cheese. So I was super disappointed with this one. The colour would be nice for you if you loved yellow but I'm truly not a fan. The formulation is pretty good but again I’m not loving the colour. But anyways I'll be using this colour for nail art so I'm not too worried!!! 

 Catrina, 2 Coats (Artificial Light)
Anyways those are all the polishes, let me know if you’re a Julep Maven and if you’ve tried their polishes before. I actually love Julep and think that their boxes and products are really good, but I was put off by the fact that they billed me for something I didn’t want. But who knows since I really do love Julep maybe I’ll end up becoming a Maven again one day!
Thanks for Reading...
XOXO Gaborillaa ;D

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