Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Influenster VoxBox Revealed - Garnier Damage Eraser Product Line

Hey lovelies, if you've read my previous post then you may know that I received a mystery brand VoxBox from Influenster (if you want to know more about Influenster click here) with a bunch of unbranded samples to test out and try; and you may also know that I was graciously awaiting a second VoxBox that would contain the full sized, branded products......Well finally that box has arrived.....and the mystery brand is.............

The Garnier Damage Eraser!!!!!! 

Product Description: Heat styling tools can cause some serious damage to your hair. But, why compromise your favourite look? Now, you don't have to with Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser! With Phyto-eratin Comple and Cupuacu Butter, the unique formula reconstructs hair strength 90% from root-to-tip and prevents future damage. 

Now referring again to that previous blog post I had guessed that the mystery brand could have been L'Oreal Paris or GARNIER, and I was correct so I'm pretty proud if I do say so myself. Anyways onto the products. I was sent 4 products; a shampoo, conditioner, split end serum and a hair butter all packaged up in a huge white and orange box. I was pretty surprised by the packaging which looked like a high end gift set when I opened it (Also it was pretty darn heavy so shipping must have cost a ton LOL).

Now onto the actual review. These products smell absolutely amazing and I think the scent is probably the key selling point for me with this line. The stuff smells great and the scent lingers in my hair for the entire day (not just for like an hour after washing it). And I am not the only one who loves the scent, I have tons of people coming up to me saying that I smell amazing which is always a plus for me. I find that these products are moisturizing and my hair does feel silkier, although I'm not too sure if it really does "reconstruct hair" like Garnier claims - but I definitely have seen a difference and I do believe that these products do strengthen my hair. Also since I am a swimmer and my hair is constantly being doused in chlorine it gets super dry and damaged, and since using this product for about 2 weeks I have noticed that my hair hasn't been so crisp and dry at the ends so this stuff definitely has to be doing something...

My personal favourite of the line is the hair butter, its basically like a super thick conditioner which really replenishes my hair, and my least favourite product of the line is the serum because I find that it's a little too thin and watery. 

 Overall I think that this line is something really nice, it smells divine and is affordable and easily accessible which is a plus. I think that it's something nice and new to try out and I think that I'll probably end up repurchasing these products when I'm finished.  

Disclaimer: I received all of these products complementary from Influenster for testing and reviewing purposes, but all of the opinions are my own!!!

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