Monday, December 16, 2013

Royal Apothic Hothouse Peonie Candle

Hey everyone if you've read my previous post you'd know that I haven't been blogging in a while, but that is because my laptop has stopped working leaving me in quite the conundrum. But anyways I am back and I am currently writing this post from my Dads computer; none the less lets begin.

This past summer I went to Anthropologie and they were burning the most amazing smelling candle, sadly I did not have or want to spend $30.00 on a candle at the time, so I didn't end up buying it. I literally regretted that decision ever since and I even went back to that same Anthropolgie to buy it; but it was gone.

Luckily the other day I went to a different mall and to my amazement they had the candle. Of course I snapped it up immediately!! The Royal Apothic Hothouse Peonie Candle is probably the best thing I have ever smelled in my life! It comes in the prettiest amber coloured jar with a gorgeous embossed ceramic lid. Its the most heavenly and luxurious candle I have ever bought, I literally cannot get over the scent or the gorgeous jar which I will up - cycle for sure into a brush holder or something when the candle burns out. 

Anyways onto the actual candle; there are notes of Fresh Herbal Greens, Lotus and Water Lily over Crystalline Watery Flower and Woody Amber (or at least thats what the Royal Apothic Website said). It literally smells INCREDIBLE and makes me feel like I am walking through a flower garden thats in the middle of a forest. I just can't stop sniffing it! This candle also comes in a room spray and perfume so if you aren't a candle person then you might like those options a lot more.

ANnways thanks for reading and happy blogging...
XOXO Gaborillaa ;D

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