Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mac Lingering Kiss Lipstick Review

Hey everyone back for another review, I was planning to post something else today but I decided that I needed to get my review up for the Lingering Kiss lipstick from sort of new A Novel Romance Mac Collection before its too late; so y'all could decide if you wanted to pick it up before the darn thing sells out (which it probably has by now....oops)!!

Mac Lingering Kiss - $19.00 Canadian
Anyways this lipstick is a gorgeous dark oxblood colour that is matte which means that its perfect for fall! This lippie is limited edition and is part of the brand new A Novel Romance collection that Mac released in stores this past Thursday! This lipstick is gorgeous and actually reminds me of Talk That Talk from the RiRi collection that released last fall! Now this lipstick is actually for my aunt, but she said that I could test it out for my blog before I gave it to her which is AWESOME (shoutout to my Auntie Pre). Anyways my aunt had really wanted the RiRi lipstick but it sold out before she could get her hands on it and I have been looking for something dupable ever since and I think that I have finally found the shade! HALLELUJAH!!!!!

Lingering Kiss (Flash)
Both of these lipsticks are a dark oxblood/maroony/plum colour (LOL that's the best way that I can describe it HAHA) except that Lingering Kiss pulls more red toned and TTT pulls more purply plum. Anyways Talk That Talk is a retro matte therefore its much more matte and drying on the lips where as Lingering Kiss is just a normal matte so it gives a similar effect but its not as drying! Now I don't think that Lingering Kiss is Mac's best matte because it does dry my lips out a little but the formulation is still great, it applies very evenly and does not drag or pull on the lips in any way. Also this lipstick does stain very easily so you should be careful when applying it (maybe use a lip brush...) and also remember that when you try to take it off that it may be a bit of a pain!

Left: Lingering Kiss, Right: Talk That Talk
Left: Lingering Kiss, Right: Talk That Talk (Flash)
Left: Lingering Kiss, Right: Talk That Talk (No Flash)

Overall this lipstick is beautiful and is a great dupe for TTT if you were not able to pick it up last year! Lingering Kiss is not as matte or as purple toned as Talk That Talk but it is a pretty close dupe, the closest Mac dupe I've seen since TTT came out! I really do love this lipstick and I would have definitely picked it up if I did not have TTT (I'm trying to use up a ton of my makeup, but I just cannot put a spending ban on myself....I don't have that kind of willpower...LOL)


  1. Love this shade, I don't wear such colours too much but it looks so gorgeous! I bet is totally stunning on you! ;) xx

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